HYCOAT introduces an innovative “follow-the-sample” research and training scheme which closely interconnects the disciplines of chemistry, physics, materials science, chemical engineering and materials modelling into one consortium and will provide ESRs with fundamental understanding, excellent education and multidisciplinary training in hybrid materials developed by MLD. In “follow-the-sample” training, the ESR will follow the MLD sample and will be involved in each step of the MLD value chain. Training-through-research projects supervised by an international academic-industrial Supervision Committee, augmented by workshops, hands-on sessions, company visits and secondments at the different levels of the value chain, will provide the young scientists with in-depth knowledge and an exceptionally broad set of practical skills. HYCOAT’s innovative training approach will enable the ESRs to not only obtain hands-on experience in deposition, characterization and modelling of the hybrid coatings, but will also expose them to methodologies for functional testing at companies and industry-oriented research institutes and support an application oriented and innovation driven mind-set. Being exposed to a wide variety of research environments ranging from academic labs over research oriented big companies (e.g. ASM, Umicore, Toyota, Solvay) to SMEs and start-ups (e.g. Beneq, Picosun, MB, Europlasma, SEMPA, CTech), the ESRs will develop the soft skills to work in different environments (flexibility, team-work and communication skills).